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the words free fullgeomey lessons and activities are shown in pink, yellow and blue
Points Lines and Planes Worksheets ⋆
the title for how to teach points, lines and planes high school geometry lessons is shown
Points Lines and Planes Worksheets ⋆
the words free fullgeomey lessons and activities are shown in pink, yellow and blue
Points Lines and Planes Worksheets ⋆
three orange hexagonals are shown on top of a notebook with graph paper
Teaching in an Organized Mess
Triangle Inequality Theorem--A foldable and journaling for students to explain when side lengths make a triangle.
the back to school student survey with text overlay that reads, free printable
Back to School Student Survey - All About Me Survey for Middle and High School
Download this free back-to-school student survey. This All About Me student survey is perfect for students to complete on the first day of school. #BackToSchool #FirstDayOfSchool
an open book with two different types of triangles
4 the Love of Math
30-60-90 triangle relationships - foldable page ~Special Right Triangles
four different activities to help students learn their handwriting and writing skills with this fun activity
Amazing Mathematics
Great 8th Grade Math, Algebra 1, & Geometry Ideas!
two notebooks with graphs and numbers on them
Sector Area and Arc Length
Sector Area and Arc Length Foldable for the Geometry Interactive Notebook
the top five things to do when you're on your phone infographical
I love having QR codes on all my worksheets! Students can now access articles, podcasts, videos, and more even when they are not in class that day. It really helps my students to be more independent and saves me a ton of time.
the book fold and cut is shown with instructions on how to make it in different colors
DIY Book - Fold & Cut - Make a 19-Page Book Without Glue--Project Based Learning
FREE Download. Folding and Cutting -- No Glue! -- pattern for a 19-page DIY Book that middle and high school students can make!Once students make these remarkable DIY Books, they can write their own stories or use them as interactive journals as they read. If you are looking for a FREE book pattern ...
three different colored cards with the text middle school math free task cards are on top of each other
8th Grade Math Area, Volume and Surface Area Enrichment Task Cards with digital
This FREE unit of 8th grade math enrichment task cards includes challenging problems related to area, volume, and surface area. Topics include circumference and area of circles, area of composite figures, volume of prisms and cylinders, volume of pyramids/cones/spheres, surface area of prisms and cylinders, and surface area of pyramids and cones! These problems are great for early finishers, math workshop, or as an extra challenge for your 8th grade math students!