Such a cool picture! Share with your children, they will love it and their imagination will spark! - maybe mermaids live below and leave a gift along with the filled bucket of water

Get Beachy Waves Today! You Know You Want To

Picture Prompts for Writing! Who lives beneath this well? Who draws water from the well? What type of creatures live in the water?

Elena Jimenez | Glenda Lopez: Pop Food

Eye catching images shot for jewelry collection designed by Glenda Lopez are work of photographer Elena Jimenez, graphic designer M. New collection is appropriately named POP FOOD.

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Ocean Artesian Water Brand (& Packaging) Proposal by Grace Frances Susilo

The somewhat opaque full wrap of the label and becoming more transparent to let the juice show through makes the packaging colorful depending on the flavor of the juice, without actuating having to print different labels.

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