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DIY Home Repair

DIY Blogs by Zoey

Expert Energy Saving Tips

Want to whittle down your heating costs this winter? Check out these easy to implement money-saving energy tips and cut your heating bills starting today!

DIY Home Sweet Home

46 brilliant tips, tricks, & life hacks to make your life a little easier.

How to Remove Wallpaper - Sweet Tea Proper

There are few home renovation projects discussed with as much distaste as removing wallpaper. May be one of the most hated jobs for the DIY home improver.

Repair Nail Pops and Holes in Sheetrock | Home Repair Tutor

Do you need to repair nail pops and holes in sheetrock? Do you want to learn how to do this fast? Check out my tips.

DIY After Shower Spray – Keeps Your Shower Clean!

How to Refresh Dried-Out Wicker

How to Refresh Dried-Out Wicker. Often used outdoors and on screened-in porches, wicker furniture is a lot more delicate than other common patio pieces, especially when exposed to the elements. Excessive sunlight, wind and even an overly dry indoor environment can cause the wicker to crack and dry out. After ...

Dishwasher Not Cleaning Properly? 5 Quick Tips to Make it Like New

*5 Tricks* to BOOST your dishwashers performance! Please Follow Us @ #diy #homerepair

Rebuilding the floor

After the floor comes out, some of the glue and pressboard will remind attached to the joists. In the middle is a section I removed with the Multi-Max scraper blade, but then learned it's easier to just chisel off the worst then sand with a sander. I used my Bosch Random Orbital Sander. It's readily available at Lowes and I think only around $60/$70 bucks and works pretty darn good. I like how it has a wet vac port. Then I sistered (attached) 2x6 to the out side wall floor frame, so the…

Rot Repair -- Fixing Rotted Wood

A sure-fire ring cleaner for REAL jewelry!

Okay, I have to warn you right off the bat on this one. I am sharing a dirty little secret. It has to do with my wedding ring. My secret? My ring had gross stuff in it!! But, I did NOT know it. I'm so ashamed. Not really. It wasn't my fault. But I am sharing the dirty news because I was amazed at how much CRUD was hiding out in my wedding ring! Little gunks and goobies just nestling away in nooks and crannies. Ewww. The problems is that my ring has LOTS of holes and openings on the back…

Repair Cracks in a Concrete Driveway

Repair and resurface a concrete driveway in a weekend or less. Better Homes and Gardens contributing editor Danny Lipford shows you how.

A Quick Trick

To see the transformation, Click on the picture to go to my new website.

Installing Weatherstripping on a Garage Door Really Warms Up the Workshop

While searching for bigger and more powerful heaters it occurred to me that I might want to try weatherstripping my garage doors. Lets learn!

Use Press'N Seal wrap instead of having to tape everything.

Owning a home is tough, but these 41 house hacks will make life a bit easier.