Ridiculously tiny bows

How to BOW, Making a small bow using a fork. For slightly larger bow, use a large serving fork.heck, I may try to find a pitch fork so all my bows will be perfect instead of wonky!

To make tiny bows

Tie a bow using a fork! Tie a bow using a fork! Tie a bow using a fork!

Mini hangers from paperclips. Mind blown.

how to make a mini clothes hanger (for decorations on cards, etc.) from a paper clip! Use large paper clips to make hangers for barbie clothes!

envelope book, this would be an easy, nice looking, way to organize things like receipts, money, and other important paper things.

DIY Envelope Book: Instructions (PDF) This would be a good idea if you are on the envelope system for your finances.


"Camping Breakfast : Sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. best idea ever" Um, this looks like an egg filled burger but ok. I'm still going with burger though.

これは賢い使い方!100均グッズのアイデア収納活用術 - M3Q - 女性のためのキュレーションメディア


これは賢い使い方!100均グッズのアイデア収納活用術 - M3Q - 女性のためのキュレーションメディア

押入れの天井に収納を追加 : 参考にしたくなる。突っ張り棒を使った50種類以上の収納アイディアまとめ - NAVER まとめ

押入れの天井に収納を追加 : 参考にしたくなる。突っ張り棒を使った50種類以上の収納アイディアまとめ - NAVER まとめ