Colors: Kimono

The color and pattern combinations of Japanese kimono and yukata are endless! Steeped in tradition, each component of these beautiful garments and their accessories is a work of art. As you scroll though these images, notice how the colors flow from one to the next. *Pin as you wish- there are no pin limits on my boards!
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Traditional Embroidered Cranes Japanese Wedding Kimono

Traditional Embroidered Cranes Japanese Wedding Kimono and Headpiece for Brides Most stunning Kimono I have seen yet. We book Golf-Hotel-Tours-Spa's-Scuba in Phuket Thailand.

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Another fake Maiko. Maiko wear long silk kanzashi during minarai, their first year. During that time they only wear red on their lower lip.

Geisha - Japan

the coral pattern of kimono, color of umbrealla, ribbon, all of them are perfect. Maiko san always appears in perfect shape.

Goldfish Embroidery Summer Obi in detail

Boggles the mind that some gifted hands did this embroidery of two Koi fish on a Summer Obi (detail)

Oiran's shoes

Oiran were high-ranking courtesans of the feudal period in Japan who wore tall lacquered footwear or Koma-geta (or mitsu-ashi – three legs).

Japanese traditional interior doll with fan, 1970. Japanese Kimono Dolls Catalogue

Japanese traditional interior doll with fan, Japanese Kimono Dolls Catalogue. The Black Samurai Online Shop.

Japanese Traditional Kimono | 030 Japanese traditional wedding kimono, 1970's

Japanese vintage and antique traditional kimono collection. The Black Samurai online shop.