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Positive Psychology

Collection by David Hain

David Hain
Generation Z characteristics center around the search for truth as the influence of the first generation of true digital natives is now radiating outward. For companies, this will bring both challenges and equally attractive opportunities. Generation Z, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Positive Psychology, Marketing, Future, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration

Generation Z characteristics and its implications for companies | Positive futures

Our study based on the survey reveals four core Gen Z behaviors, all anchored in one element: this generation’s search for truth. Gen Zers value individual expression and avoid labels. They mobilize themselves for a variety of causes. They believe profoundly in the efficacy of dialogue to solve conflicts and improve the world. Finally, they make decisions and relate to institutions in a highly analytical and pragmatic way. That is why, for us, Gen Z is “True Gen.” In contrast, the previous…

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation imprinted a moral purpose and meaning upon the protracted misery of the Civil War. Styles Of Leadership, Leadership Development, Franklin Roosevelt, Case Histories, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Dory, Case Study, Abraham Lincoln

Doris Kearns Goodwin on Abraham Lincoln’s Remarkable EQ | Coaching Leaders

"Rarely, was a leader better suited to the challenge of the fractured historical moment." The author is talking about Abraham Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War. I couldn't help thinking about Brexit as I read this, but we have no Abraham Lincoln in sight, unfortunately.

The Incredible Power of Connectional Intelligence – Marshall Goldsmith Game Change, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Coaching, Mindfulness, Positivity, The Incredibles, Learning

The Incredible Power of Connectional Intelligence – Marshall Goldsmith | Positive futures

What is connectional intelligence? A lot of how we measure relationships, especially in the digital world, is through the quantity of our connections. How many LinkedIn followers we have, how many twitter followers, and so on. In my work and research, I have found that we need to shift our notion from quantity to quality because in today’s overconnected era, having a lot of networks doesn’t necessarily lead to measurable change. The key is to develop the skill of cultivating the connections…

Is Management Humane? Behind The Scenes Of The Peter Drucker Forum Cultural Diversity, Positive Psychology, Call To Action, Problem Solving, Over The Years, Collaboration, Behind The Scenes, Something To Do, Leadership

Is Management Humane? Behind The Scenes Of The 10th Peter Drucker Forum | Coaching Leaders

Overall, the Drucker Forum was packed with speakers and their brilliant opinions on what’s wrong with managementand its inhumane way of operating. There simply needed to be more examples of how we can fix it. Over the years of its existence, the Drucker Forum has made great strides regarding global representation, as well as gender and cultural diversity. For example, the 2018 version saw a record number of women participate as chairs or speakers. Thirty-eight percent is impressive. By 2019…

 Or should I say, extroverts drive introverts crazy?“… of senior corporate executives viewed introversion as a barrier to leadership…” (HBR) Leadership Development, Professional Development, Positive Psychology, Leadership Quotes, Introvert, Your Smile, Behavior, Scary, Coaching

The Scariest Thing about Introverts | Coaching Leaders

Introverts drive extroverts crazy. Or should I say, extroverts drive introverts crazy? “… 65% of senior corporate executives viewed introversion as a barrier to leadership…” (HBR)

How a U. Health Care System Uses Huddles to Keep 23 Hospitals Aligned How a U. Health Care System Uses Huddles to Keep 23 Hospitals Aligned Home Health Nurse, Home Care Agency, Child Life Specialist, Emergency Care, Professional Gifts, Daily Health Tips, Positive Psychology, Medical Research, Health

How a U.S. Health Care System Uses 15-Minute Huddles to Keep 23 Hospitals Aligned | Collaborationweb

Continuous improvement is a constant quest. Escalation huddles offer enormous potential and striking results in that pursuit — both in health care and beyond.

How to Be a More Patient Person Anna Goldfarb, The New York Times Relax. It’s going to be O. New York Times, Ny Times, Gallup Strengthsfinder, Patient Person, Easy Jet, Essay Contests, Personal Narratives, Impatience, Patience

How to Be a More Patient Person - The New York Times | Coaching Leaders

Patience, the ability to keep calm in the face of disappointment, distress or suffering, is worth cultivating. The virtue is associated with a variety of positive health outcomes, such as reducing depression and other negative emotions. Researchers have also concluded that patient people exhibit more prosocial behaviors like empathy, and were more likely to display generosity and compassion.A 2012 study in the Journal of Positive Psychology identified three distinct expressions of patience…

Closing the Culture Gap Positive Psychology, Closer, Collaboration, Leadership, Coaching, Gap, Mindfulness, Positivity, Culture

Closing the Culture Gap | Business change

Many leaders launch culture initiatives with high aspirations, only to be disappointed by the results. Most leaders believe (accurately) that a purposeful shift in culture is necessary to their business, but few know how to make this leap. Google search data shows a massive increase since 2013 in queries on the term company culture. Scores of books, articles, and speeches on the topic compete for readers’ attention. Responses to the Katzenbach Center’s 2018 Global Culture Survey demonstrate…

5 CEOs top tips for future talent Positive Psychology, Collaboration, Leadership, Coaching, Mindfulness, Positivity, Change, Learning, Tips

5 CEOs top tips for future talent | Positive futures

With the spotlight growing on graduate employability, it’s worth remembering that this isn’t only a matter for universities. Young people can, and should, take control of their own careers and steps to strengthen their hand, considering multiple entry points including apprenticeships. But many also need practical advice.We asked 20 chief executives taking part in CEO for a Day, a future talent initiative run globally by Odgers Berndtson, for some of their top tips for those starting out…

“When You Get That Wealthy, You Start to Buy Your Own Bullshit”: The Miseducation of Sheryl Sandberg ? You Got This, Let It Be, Positive Psychology, Decision Making, Collaboration, Leadership, Coaching, Mindfulness, Things To Come

“When You Get That Wealthy, You Start to Buy Your Own Bullshit”: The Miseducation of Sheryl Sandberg ? | Coaching Leaders

Let’s be clear about this: in business, as in life, there isn’t always one correct answer. So the teaching of a decision-making philosophy that is deliberate and systematic, but still open-minded, is hardly controversial on its face. But to help students overcome the fear of sounding stupid and being remorselessly critiqued, they are reminded, in case after case—and with emphasis—that there are no right answers. And that has had the unfortunate effect of opening up a chasm of moral…

  Worst Day, Positive Psychology, Just Be You, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Being Used, Collaboration, Leadership, Mental Health

Good Leaders Don’t Disappear | Coaching Leaders

The simplest questions sometimes hold the greatest potential for insight. As a leader, consider this one: Would you follow you? Not you on your best day, or your worst day, but on a typical day — when you’re communicating, solving problems, and making decisions with the natural tendencies that shape the character of your unique leadership style. This question matters because when you’re just being you in the company of your team, bosses, and clients, you are continuously showing whether you…

  Positive Psychology, Collaboration, Leadership, Coaching, Mindfulness, Positivity, Change, Learning, Black

How to Fail Successfully | Positive futures

All of my firm’s projects bring together diverse teams to try to make progress on complex and contentious public issues. No single party controls the outcome, and we can’t know in advance what will work, so things often unfold differently than planned. Through these experiences, I’ve come to view unexpected results not as a problem but as a spur for the learning and adaptation we need to do. Improvisation, therefore, is a sign not of failure, but of success. There are structured ways to…

New Trussell Trust figures have revealed the large increase in foodbank demand in December and as this chart shows, the need is also increasing year on year. Emergency Food Supply, Uk Images, Positive Psychology, Food Bank, Food Waste, Leadership, Coaching, Trust, Positivity

• Chart: December - the busiest time of year for foodbanks | Statista | Positive futures

This chart reveals figures related to Trussell Trust three-day emergency food supplies in December.

Premium Giclee Print: "Yes, the planet got destroyed. But for a beautiful moment in time we created a lot of value for shareholders." by Tom Toro Caricatures, March For Science, New Yorker Cartoons, Together We Can, The New Yorker, New Blue, Beautiful Moments, Popular Memes, Being Ugly

How To Fix Stagnant Wages: Dump The World's Dumbest Idea | Coaching Leaders

The emerging world of customer value is prospering, growing, and thriving in real terms while inspiring and energizing those involved in it, and continuing to evolve and reinvent itself. The world of shareholder value is declining in real terms, and dispiriting those involved in it, even those few who are enjoying its large but ephemeral financial fruits. The true measures of its progress are not the booming stock market or the short-term benefits to shareholders but rather the sputtering…

What Is Agile? The Four Essential Elements Interactive Network, Scientific Management, Innovation Management, Business Model Canvas, Essential Elements, Positive Psychology, Lets Celebrate, Design Thinking, Software Development

Let's Celebrate The Hidden Heart Of 21st-Century Management | Coaching Leaders

As I look back on the last five Drucker Forum’s that I have attended, the best talks have been those that shed light on how to make Drucker’s great insight a reality. The talks had many different labels. They spoke of Innovation Management, or Design Thinking, or Value Propositions, or the principles of the Mittelstand companies, or Agile, or Business Agility, or the Business Model Canvas, or a new Economic Theory of Value, or Adhocracy, or Humanistic Management, or whatever. When we look…

According to a recent study from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, a common ingredient in many foods is now being linked to Alzheimer's. Ricky Martin, Make Happy, Are You Happy, Pitbull, Comme Des Freres, Visions Of Johanna, Desolation Row, Cogito Ergo Sum, I Will Remember You

How Quantum Computers Will Revolutionise Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning And Big Data | Positive futures

We produce 2.5 exabytes of data every day. That’s equivalent to 250,000 Libraries of Congress or the content of 5 million laptops. Every minute of every day 3.2 billion global internet users continue to feed the data banks with 9,722 pins on Pinterest, 347,222 tweets, 4.2 million Facebook likes plus ALL the other data we create by taking pictures and videos, saving documents, opening accounts and more.