International Morse Code - Phonetic Alphabet

How You Can Turn Traveling the World into Your Job International Morse Code - Phonetic Alphabet


Houses of the middle age - could be used for fantasy as well - drawing reference



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anime scenery

((Open RP)( *Yuno was under the bridge making a little something and putting it in a small pot* that's two leaves, and we need a thir.*she sees you and is a little shocked* oh hi there

Colt Arms 1911 .45 ACP cutaway

Colt Arms 1911 ACP cutaway my second favorite sidearm and my first ever owned firearm.very accurate and dependable


Ile de la Cité, Metro Cité, Paris IV: seen this in person, it's beautiful


Type: Double Action or Double Action Only Chamber: Luger/Para, IMI, Weight with empty magazine: 1000 g Length: 206 mm Barrel length: 120 mm Capacity: 16 or 12 round

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Department of Education: 100 Glocks, 52 Shotguns - The Truth .

浪人(@Lownine)さん | Twitterの画像/動画

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動きのあるポーズを描く時に)ry [1] もっと見る

Japanese tutorial on drawing poses in motion (p. Title says "What is contrapposto (counterpose)?