Classic Kyoto - new and old / east and west

Classic Kyoto - 古都 古都も国際化の時代。スパゲッティをピクトグラムで説明しております。 もっと見る

나무 방부목 디자인 포인트 간판 Signage Sign 예쁜 간판 사인팟 카카오톡 사인팟 01023828410

うどん (udon) noodle shop sign in Kiyomizu, Kyōto, Japan. ☆Actually, it reads おめん (omen), which is an unfamiliar naming even for the native Japanese in general. It's been said that 御麺/おめん (omen) is a dialect for 'udon' in a limited part of 群馬県 (Gunma Pref.), where udon originally came from. Since it wasn't acknowledged in the Kansai region at the time, they decided to make their trade mark the same with the menu name so as to widely spread udon in Kansai…