kitten snugs

Mother cat holding her kitten because a hug is worth a thousand words. A Mother’s Love: 40 Adorable Animal Mom and Baby Photos



Again, no idea what the caption to this is. but this is adorable how the same looking cats are looking down on their kiddies.


Cute Kitten, sweet as can be : Too cute animals


This pic makes me happy.lil kitty so content and trusting.Mommy kitty so loving.It's like a russian doll:love encircling love, encircling love (How To Make Friends Funny)


その姿に思わず笑う! ネコがあきらめた瞬間15選

埋め込み画像 - the cat's face, tho, as if says, "I'm done with my life" lol


pop up kitten

Hahahahahahahahahhaha! Stahp it human. Staph!

The laughing cat. AM Sunday 11 September 30 pics


Fun Facts about Animals

my pic of the 'stick em up kitty'. Wallpaper and background photos of Stick Em Up Kitty! for fans of Fanpop Pets images.