KYOTO ART HOSTEL BRAND IDENTITY by UMA/design farm. This design was very simple…

KYOTO ART HOSTEL BRAND IDENTITY by UMA/Design Farm. This simple design theme was carried out through the spaces. The is unique as one that also acts as an exhibition, allowing people to stay and be inspired differently each time.

ロゴをデザインさせていただいた、bakery cafe Lapin様です。 ネーミングの由来から、ラ・パン(パン)と、ラパン(うさぎ)をシンプル...

I Love how the logo image just stands alone. If this company is good enough that bunny could be like the green lady on the starbucks cups in a few years.

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Like how the designer used the shoe lace type effect for the word "Loop".

hanatoco|ロゴデザイン|カフェ飲食店中心のデザイン制作|Alnico Design

hanatoco|ロゴデザイン|カフェ飲食店中心のデザイン制作|Alnico Design