The latest addition to my kokeshi collection. This one is my favourite to date and she is by far the largest weighing just over a kilo and measuring in height. Her name is Fukujuso which I believe means Happiness and Long Life.

Fan printed kimono

What can be more beautiful than to wore a kimono as a geisha do? Well, first of all, kimono is a Japanes.


Rakuten - [FUTAGAMI / chopstick rest of the brass design; Ooharu Masanori / 4 ※ Mon four pieces (castings every position chopsticks chopstic.

Corridor of Shorenin temple, Kyoto, Japan

Facing the road, the tall double-height window at the end of this narrow home is artfully draped by a curtain.

Traditional Japanese home

One in a series of illustrated guides, focusing on design and the multifaceted landscape of Japanese living today, by the art publisher Taschen.