Tipped out  this is so cool :)

I have a sudden urge to dye my tips pink. It'd be easy enough to cut out if I decide I don't like it. [ colored tips tie dye]

Pink Californian. Ombre. Gradient. Long Hair. Blonde. Blue eyes

Pastel Pink: While we applaud all you ladies rocking various shades of neon hair, sometimes we want something a little subtler. This pastel pink on platinum blonde fits the bill quite nicely. (via Style Saint)

gradient hair colour

Dye your hair simple & easy to ombre green blue hair color - temporarily use ombre green blue hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair ombre with hair chalk

Hair Color Ideas For This Month Of July 2012

It seems that the new season is shedding some light on an array of ultra stylish hair color ideas that can turn you into a trendsetter. From the prettiest monochromes to the hottest color combos, these hair color styles

I found 'Ombre Hair/Dip Dye Hair/Dark Brown/Pink Ombre/Vibrant Pink' on Wish, check it out! I would never be brave enough to do this but it is super pretty and pink.