Emergency Planning

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8 Best Camping Tarps for Lightweight Hiking - The Tent Hub

Discover the best camping tarps to take on your next campign trip. Lightweight, waterproof and configuration compatability are the criteria, lets go!

How to Treat Someone for Shock

Shock occurs when the body’s internal organs aren’t getting enough blood flow. A person can go into shock for a variety of reasons including severe bleeding, vomiting, heart attack, spinal injury, or even certain drug overdoses. The symptoms of shock are fairly broad, but usually include weakness, clammy skin, fast heart rate, quick breathing, sweating, […]

11 Surprising Survival Uses For A Tin Can

Click Here To See The Comments If you’re in a situation and you happen to have a tin can with you, then you’re in luck! That tin can might just be your ticket to survival. RELATED: 7 Survival Uses Of Pine Resin In this article: Container A Cup or Small Cooking Pot Stove Trap Signal for […]

Basics of Fire-Starting: DIY Fire Starter Kit

FIRE! It’s what we must have for survival. When the power goes out and batteries are dead, it’s fire we need to see with, to cook with and to heat. It’s pretty important to have the means for maki…

Useful Survival Items You Probably Don’t Think About | SHTFPreparedness

There are a lot of useful items in everyday life that you probably don’t think about that would be excellent additions to your survival gear.

15 Best Altiods Tin Projects

15 Best Altiods Tin Projects: I know there is actually 17 but it sounds better to say 15 best altiods tin projects.

How To Bug-In: What You Need To Know To Survive A Grid Down Disaster

I think this is valuable information to know. Not all of us can bug out.

21 Items that Almost Never Go Bad

It’s not often you can get away with forgetting about an item in your pantry or refrigerator without it spoiling. So, if you tend to purchase and forget as I do, you can rely on these items that al...

35 Reasons Coffee Filters are Survival Multitaskers

Coffee filters are inexpensive, light weight and readily available. Here are 35 uses of those ubiquitous coffee filters for survival and preparedness.


Being prepared for an emergency is responsible & necessary! These items in your emergency car kit will help in many types of emergency situations!

45 Items Every Prepper Should Stockpile | Urban Survival Site

Here's a list of items you should stockpile in case of emergency, along with a list of barter items you can use to buy what you need after a disaster.

What to Pack in a Disaster Evacuation Bag

Because you never when catastrophes will happen, it's a good idea to be prepared. Here's what to pack in a disaster evacuation bag.

46 Must-Have Items for Your Emergency Vehicle Kit

How many of these items do you currently have in your car?

How to Make Your Own Zeer Pot (Pot in Pot Refrigerator) * The Homesteading Hippy

Step by step (with photos) how to make a pot in pot refrigerator (a.k.a. a zeer pot) to keep your veggies fresh without the use of electricity. The materials are dirt-cheap, and it's so easy to make!