Tokyo / 音楽よりなモバイル業界の片隅で働く不良社員。 絶賛ネトゲ難民中。
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TDI Kriss Super V™ submachine gun

TDI Kriss Super V™ submachine gun : Vector CRB/SO with EOTech holographic sight and silencer (top) // Vector SRB/SO // Vector SMG ACP left) // Vector SRB/SO with optics and folded stock right) // Vector SRB/SO prototype takedown (last)

Trolling (Matt McVeigh Design)

Matt McVeigh Trolling chrome plated steel miniature shopping trolleys approx (high) x (wide) x (deep)

Space Shuttle Discovery.last flyte.

I am a space nut. hate the program is ending.