Japanese box lunch, Bento

Plum onigiri, green pepper omelette, sesame beef with peppers and mushroom, enoki mushrooms and carrots, sausages and cheese. The pretty pink plum onigiri would be good for a lot of holidays.

Japanese box lunch, Bento お弁当

Thinly sliced pork cutlets in a ginger/garlic sauce wrapped around a potato, glass noodle and tomato salad, omelette.

丸の内弁当 | 鮭弁当

By Pinner: Grilled Salmon Bento 鮭弁当 I miss obento. I miss obento too.

cute obento

The bears are made of Chikuwa fish sausages. Chikuwa is a Japanese tube-like fish sausage, it's made from fish surimi. I put a sausege into the hole of chilkuwa, and it turns into bears.