Japanese abacus -soroban- I have a soroban my friend Michiko gave me from her fathers store, over 30 years ago. It's very special to me. Smaller shops still use them.

Japanese soroban abacus teaches mental mathematics and helps give visual meaning to borrowing and carrying.

kurama-dera Kyoto

Kurama-dera Temple, The temple of Bishamon-Ten: The Northern Guardian of the Ancient Capital Kyoto.

Note book

5 x 7 God's Eye leather blank book w/ cord : Pagan Store, Wiccan Store, Witchcraft Store, An online Pagan, Wiccan and Witchcraft store

Steampunk leather tankers frog from The Velvet Republic.

This simple industrial styled tankard frog is made from English saddle leather. This frog measures an inch wide and is about six inches long.