Günther Krabbenhöft is an elderly gentleman who was recently photographed in Berlin and became an overnight sensation duo to his timeless style.

104-Year-Young Grandpa Has More Style Than You (And Less Years Than Internet Says)

今SNSで話題になっている、ベルリン在住の“Günther Krabbenhöft”さん。 そのファッションセンスは、70代とは思えないほど洗練されていて、とってもオシャレ。 シンプルで上質なアイテムを組み合わせ、ジーンズやクロップドパンツでカジュアルダウンさせたトラディショナルなコーディネートがGünthe


This Year Old” Grandpa Expresses Himself With Timeless Style - Bea's Beauty

Günther Anton Krabbenhöft

This man's being called the coolest ever granddad. Do you agree?

Image via ilcolorblu Meet grandpa Günther Anton Krabbenhöft, an elderly gentleman who shows that fashion is not just for the young.