Totoro bento

トトロのとってもかわいいキャラ弁で元気を出して、今日も1日頑張ろう♡ かわいすぎて、どれから食べようか迷いますね! Check out this cute totoro lunch box! Do you want to eat some♡? Photo taken by cycheoung1203 on WhatIfCamera Join WhatIfCamera now :) For iOS: For Android : Follow me on Twitter :) Follow me on Pinterest :)

Hello kitty food ;)

日本人のごはん/お弁当 Japanese meals/Bento. 緑のハローキティ弁当 Definitely one of the coolest bentos I've ever seen! #food #kawaii

Ribbon 豚カツ丼 @ AKB48 Cafe

Ribbon 豚カツ丼 @ AKB48 Cafe