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Jeff Samardzija... Love it when he pitches!  He used to play football for the Notre Dame Irish & he was awesome then too!

Maybe it's just my Northwest Indiana, semi-Polish roots, but am I the only one who doesn't think Samardzija is that difficult to spell?

Tom Brady

Tom Brady played for the University of Michigan Wolverines before he was drafted by the New England Patriots! and before he fell from grace.

Peyton Manning

Hard to believe my favorite NFL player of all time has probably played his last game for the Indianapolis Colts. Gotta love Peyton, he& a great guy and pretty damn funny

Seattle Seahawks 12th Man. Go Hawks!

Seattle Seahawks Man if you feel stress or anger, take a deep breath and count to twelve. Don't move during a high state of agitation. U could hurt or get hurt by someone.

Joe Montana

Super Bowl XXIV January 1990 – Joe Montana won his third Super Bowl MVP and the won their fourth Super Bowl, crushing the Denver Broncos It still is the biggest margin of victory in a Super Bowl and the most points scored