Julian Hrankov studies water : calm, powerful, clear, dark. www.lab333.com //   Julian Hrankov étudie l'eau : calme, forte, clair, noire. Un regard tranquille sur l'eau.

water study by Julian Hrankov. I want to do a study of something that interests me, and then draw it. Or maybe water.

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nobrashfestivity: “Ayasono, Ways to Tie an Obi, A New Publication (Shimpan obi musubisama kusagusa) 1920 ”

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가슴 채색 / 명암

가슴 채색 / 명암 - The tutorial itself is in japanese and the description is in korean. I know it's a tut on breasts but this can be applied to other exposed body parts as well.

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fugi on

How to draw hands - different gestures and poses - pointing a finger, holding something, making a fist - Drawing Reference < hand drawing tutorial

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Drawing Tutorials, Art Tutorials, Drawing Ideas, Human Anatomy, Leg Anatomy, Max Max, Female Body Art, Anatomy Reference, Manga Anime

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