Oil slick hair color by @hairbykotay

Bob hairstyles are accepting able and accepted and we accept noticed that we haven’t talked about latest bob haircuts recently. From angled bobs, to continued bob hairstyles we will booty a attending at the latest bob beard trends that we love.


Bob cut *I don't smoke. I am not promoting smoking. I would encourage you not to smoke. I just like her hair.


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ballerina (Bilancia)

Bobs are trendy, short bob hairstyles are much more trendy! In this post you will find images of Super Short Bob Cuts that you will immediately adore!


vmagazine: “model: Yumi Lambert, Marga Esquivel, Chen Xi - photographer: Terry Tsiolis - fashion editor: Karen Langley - hair: Rolando Beauchamp - make-up: Frankie Boyd - Vogue China November 2015 ”