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Artists unite for Japan Flags

La Grande Vague by Joel Guenoun. Beautiful art themed on the Japanese flag - profit from sales go to support Red Cross efforts in Japan.

Such a cool design

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Remember Japan. 日本

I actually this is more offensive than it is an interesting/effective design. This is not hopeful; this is pairing Japan with a giant wave, and attempting to encourage people by using the same imagery as the waves that ruined the lives of thousands upon t

Eylül Aslan.

Berlin-based photographer Eylül Aslan is quickly becoming a fixture on the photography scenes in both Turkey (her home country) and the city she now calls home. While her work usually focuses on the topics of gender, identity, sex, and feminism, on a rece

新一代設計展 主視覺提案

Chinese Characters in Page Layouts and Business Cards -新一代設計展 主視覺提案

"Tijeras 1956."

Ideologic is the information and archival resource for the music/design/etc work of Paris based artist Stephen O’Malley and related parties.

The Gurafiku archive of Japanese graphic design is a collection of visual research surveying the history of graphic design in Japan.