The beautiful 「宇宙」/ 「うちゅう」/ "uchuu", meaning "cosmos", "space", "universe". Gorgeous!

宇宙,space, universe, cosmos Japanese calligraphy "cosmos" by WABISABI the design team was formed by Kazushi "Sabi" Nakanishi Kudo "Wabi" ryohei in Japan

モダン装飾図案文字を書いてみる #キネマ文字

モダン装飾図案文字を書いてみる #キネマ文字


Japanese Typography - Japanese Designer Masaaki Hiromura has merged Japanese typography (Kanji) with signs and food symbols, making them easy to understand.

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I wish the Communist never simplified the Chinese characters. So many of the contemporary designs would benefit from the esthetics inherited by the thousand-year-old characters.