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the word yamu is surrounded by cartoonish type letters and symbols on a pink background with polka dots
玉野ハヅキ / Hazuki Tamano
the chinese characters are written in different languages
ロゴとサイン - Design Studio SYU Offical Site
Layout, Japanese Graphic Design, Chinese Logo Design, Chinese Logo, Chinese Font
【见字如面】Chinese character
an image of chinese writing with two letters in the middle and one letter at the bottom
a black and pink poster with the letter e on it
STUDY 06 字/字体/体 | STUDY LLC.
Corporate Branding, Logo Mark, Japan Logo, Logo Design
the chinese characters are written in different languages
tegusu - Ichigo Ichie Art Studio / Vi
Youtube, Typographic
生きとし生ける空白の物語 logotype | mr-universe.jp
Logotype Typography, Font Design Logo, Japanese Typography, Typography Alphabet
yui concept
Japan Graphic Design, Logo Design Typography
black and white typogramic typefaces are arranged in the shape of letters
2016.10 - 2017.05 작업 모음 by 스튜디오 펀데이 포트폴리오 - 노트폴리오
2016.10 - 2017.05 작업 모음 - 그래픽 디자인, 타이포그래피
an advertisement for the tour of mucho fristai in da jaus, with colorful
Ошибка 429
Posterino – искусство плаката
the saporo art director's club logo is shown in black and white, with four
札幌アートディレクターズクラブのロゴ:期待感溢れるロゴ | ロゴストック
an image of two cats in the middle of a circle with words written on it
#中秋の名月 #illustration #イラスト #狐 - かめつる
#中秋の名月 #illustration #イラスト #狐 - かめつる
an abstract black and white painting with various symbols
Japanese Typography: Pepper Shop. Action type. 1994. | Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design
暴打声文 By 赤塚不二夫, ペッパーショップ1号: SHOCK CHARACTER PATTERN, from Fujio Akatsuka comics, on Pepper Shop #1, 1994: designed by Muneteru Ujino
焼き肉や、サラダには、白ぽんでさっぱりと! Typography, Posters, Humour, Logo Type, Typography Fonts, Fonts Design, Logo Fonts, Typeface Design
d&b, sekiura Design
a black and white poster with different shapes
sasakishun / graphic : Photo:もう少し読める文字として機能性が高いと良いけど好き。
an image of some type of artwork that looks like it is made out of different colors
: 画像
: 画像
the words are written in different colors and sizes, with fireworks coming out from them
ぽいさんはInstagramを利用しています:「「たのしいなあ!」 #タイポグラフィ #グラフィックデザイン #typography #デザイン #ロゴ」
the letters are made up of different shapes and sizes, including one for each letter
this isn't happiness.
the poster for an art exhibition with colorful paint on black paper and white lettering that reads,
- Visual Identity of TDC Annual Exhibition in Taïwan...
the word'this'is written in black ink on a white background with an arrow
20代女性向けの新感覚マガジン「This!」のロゴタイプ。 スクリプト体(筆記体)のThis!の文字。 丸み
the letters are made up of different shapes and sizes, all in black on white
(2) Motoki Katayama / Pinterest
black and white poster with the word's letters in different languages, including one for each letter
twintails on Behance
sakuji-a-day: “ "構わず、あなたでありなさい。" Monday: Ryo Kuwabara 2014.8.4 ” Japan
sakuji-a-day: “ "構わず、あなたでありなさい。" Monday: Ryo Kuwabara 2014.8.4 ”
字体参考 Logo, Knockout, Knock Knock
what time is it not? - chdiajii in english and japanese characters
作字 a day
“今、何時。” Wednesday: オオタキスケ 2015.11.4
several different types of font and numbers on a white background
a sign that is on the side of a glass door in front of a building
[ 8/22まで] 「たよりない現実、この世界の在りか」@資生堂ギャラリー|mono
[ 8/22まで] 「たよりない現実、この世界の在りか」@資生堂ギャラリー|mono|note
some type of writing that is written in many different languages and styles, all on one side of the page
Z U M A: 画像
Z U M A : 画像 もっと見る
the words are written in korean and english on a white background with black writing,
an image of some type of writing in different languages
2016上半年-手绘字体作品||平面|字体/字形|姚天宇_ - 原创作品
the words are written in black ink on a white background, and have been cut into smaller letters
Boulanger Kaiti | WORKS | MOVEDESIGN Inc.
MOVEDESIGN ・坂本幹男| 店舗・インテリア・建築・デザイン|福岡・東京 » Boulanger Kaiti
the letters and numbers are arranged in an abstract manner, including one that appears to be written
タイポグラフィ | サイの角のようにひとり歩め!
Japanese typography
three different types of chinese characters
the words wild blue wonder, green yonker are written in chinese characters on a blue background
作字 a day
あの頃の青を探して もっと見る
the poster shows people playing in the sand and on the beach, while others are walking around
Japanese Theater Poster: Real Shock. Nami Masuda. 2010 | Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design
Japanese Theater Poster: Real Shock. Nami Masuda. 2010
there is a sign that says no 21 on it's front and back sides
A&W Restaurants
twenty-one Ryan Quickfall
an image of different types of items on a white background with the words vive les vacances
Summer Holidays
Summer Holidays on Behance
the numbers are drawn in black and white
Typography, Graphic Design, Type, and Typography Design image inspiration on Designspiration
Hurumufu font designed by Karolien Pauly. Ik vind het grappig hoe het bij dit font net lijkt of de cijfers van ijzerdraad gevormd zijn.
the letter s is made up of black and white stripes
Shanghai Ranking — Typographic Illustration
Shanghai Ranking Numerals by SAWDUST 爪儿网 | zhuaer.com
the letter e is made up of blue and purple wavy lines on a white background
Type Treatments | Numbers
Type Treatments | Numbers on Behance
four different colored lines are shown in the same row, each with an arrow on one side
Numbers & Lines
Numbers & Lines by Mateusz Nieckarz
the works of yusaku kanokura
Graphic design by Yusaku Kamekura (亀倉 雄策)
a red apple with the words ichigo and ihen written in white on it
安来観光に新名物 「縁結びいちご」をブランド化(1) | “イチゴ一会”島根安来の旅 | トラベルニュースat今すぐにでも出たくなる旅
いちご マーク - Google 検索
相對性理論 Chinese Characters, Concept, Unknown
a poster for the project project, which is being held in tokyo on may 28
画像: 1/5【ルミネ×東武百貨店、池袋で共同ファッションイベント初開催】
the words museum, shinga and museum written in black ink
中文 英文
an art print with the letter a in green, red and white stripes on it
Posters I like
Marcel Häusler Grafik
the letter c is made up of black circles
Hello there
the letter k is made up of wavy lines and letters that appear to be intertwined
the upper and lower case of an old fashioned font with swirly letters on it
LHF Encore
LHF Encore™: Lovers of beautiful calligraphy and type will especially appreciate this elegant font family. LHF Encore™ lends itself to designs requiring a formal or professional appearance. With expertly balanced letters, Encore is perfect for creating quick logos. 19 bonus alternates are included for maximum control. You receive all 10 fonts.
the alphabet is made up of different types of letters and numbers, including one for each letter
South Rose + Free Typeface by Sydney Goldstein, via Behance
the letters and numbers are drawn in chalk on a black background, with white lines
Razor Free Font
Razor Free Font by Jeff Schreiber, via Behance #ABC #typography
black and white geometric shapes are arranged in an abstract manner with lines, curves, and rectangles
the number three in gold on a black background
Number 3
the letter d is made up of green and blue blocks, with an abstract design
an abstract poster with different colors and lines
one million tee numbers design