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the book cover for data visual
Data Visualisation 1st edition | 9781473912137, 9781473966307 | VitalSource
an old book with numbers on it
Canadian ancestry in New Hampshire (1977)
an abstract image of multicolored liquid pouring out of a bottle onto a white surface
Shane Griffin's Chromatic Series
<p>This personal art project by New York based art director Shane Griffin is exploring light transitions through defective glass, as the colors fail to converge at one focus through the lens, the spec
an advertisement featuring two men in suits and ties
an open spiral notebook with black and white doodles on the cover, showing a hole in the middle
【待て】これが2次元だと!?紙から飛び出すような「神レベル」の信じられないアートが話題に : 秒刊SUNDAY | ネットで話題の面白ニュースサイト
a poster with a man's face covered in blood
Slice cap to reveal the inside perspective of the cap.
a wire sculpture in the shape of a head on top of a green grass covered field
株式会社サムライファクトリー * Samurai Factory Inc.
Love wire sculpture
four different colored lines are shown in the same color and size as they appear to be painted
curated contemporary art
oriol angrill jorda - drawings with colored pencil. DRAWINGS?!