Japanese water jelly.

水信玄餅 "Mizu-shingen-mochi" made from a spring water harnessed from Japan Alps at Hakushū-machi, Yamanashi Pref., Japan. ☆As it lasts only 30 min at room temperature & turns back to water the moment it's inside the mouth, it cannot be sold elsewhere. Limited to summertime only. / 山梨県北巨摩郡白州町、日本アルプスの名水で作られる夏季限定商品。口に入れた途端、ぱしゃっと水に戻るとか。常温で30分しか保たない為、持ち出し不可。

Cow-pattern Roll Cake


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"Pasta with ground Japanese radish & eggplant" - japanese recipe/なすびの和風おろしパスタ

なすびの和風おろしパスタ レシピ・作り方

Pasta with ground Japanese radish & eggplant/なすびの和風おろしパスタ UPDATE this was great! So simple and good for hot summer days これはすぐできて美味しかった!大根のおろし食べたら爽やか☆食欲あまりない暑い夏にぴったり!