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I love the look of this boho lace wedding dress. This dress is ideal for the free-spirited, hippie bride looking for a laid-back feel to her wedding.

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Brooklyn Wedding from Judy Pak Photography

Different shades of blue and green for bridesmaids dresses. // Via A Circular Life. I love the idea of the different shades of blue!

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Mismatched Bridesmaids

This color palette is amazing! Mint Green, Teal, Light Blue, Ivory / Judy Pak / New York - Style Unveiled - Wedding Inspiration Shared

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Purple and Turquoise Wedding Colors - Purple and Turquoise is one of those color combinations that makes us want to say “wow”! It works for weddings all year long but especially in spring and summer. This is perfect purple and teal

Purple is one of the most popular wedding colors of all time. We've had quite a few brides-to-be ask on our Facebook Page which colors will work with purple for their weddings. To help make it easi...

Purple Wedding Color – Combination Options

Im thinking about alternating colors for bridesmaids dresses (purple & silver). I think my maid of honor dress may be silver and purple.

【公式】T&Gニュース(2016.04.22):2017年5月、T&G初のホテルとなる「TRUNK HOTEL(トランクホテル)」を渋谷区原宿・神宮前に開業結婚式・結婚式場の【T&G】。オリジナルウェディングだからお二人が満足するプランをご提供できます。

【公式】T&Gニュース(2016.04.22):2017年5月、T&G初のホテルとなる「TRUNK HOTEL(トランクホテル)」を渋谷区原宿・神宮前に開業結婚式・結婚式場の【T&G】。オリジナルウェディングだからお二人が満足するプランをご提供できます。