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LED Handlauf Buche 1 Mtr ca. Stair handrail with LED/SMD's, approx 60 per meter. Great idea for lighting up the stairs at night or down to the cellar & a nce alternative to switching on the main lighting too ;

Great amount of stones – wonderful sauna bath.  The Harvia Legend woodburning stoves give you the ultimate sauna experience. The black steel frame has a mighty amount of stones inside, and as they heat up, you get a magnificent sauna bath even at a lower temperature. The large number of stones ensures good heat, even if the fire dies down in between. http://www.energymizers.com/store/HARVIA_Legend_240.php

The Harvia Legend woodburning stove give you the ultimate sauna experience, you get a magnificent sauna bath

12ft --- normally you’d be on the same side as the rope, for easier lifting

Working Alone with Plywood

Working Alone with Plywood - Woodworking Techniques - American Woodworker Tie a loop in each end of a 12 ft length of plywood. With the sheet up against a wall, slip a loop under the bottom corners. Normally you'd lift it from he same side as the rope.



とにかくめんどくさいお風呂掃除!放っておくだけでピカピカになる掃除方法教えちゃいます♡ | Linomy[リノミー]


Sawhorse with an adjustable outfeed roller.

Add Adjustable Outfeed Roller To Sawhorse -- we were just pricing some at Home Depot. This DIY looks like it would work!




Hey everyone!  So...I've been in the works of developing a system that is pretty much bomb-proof, way overbuilt, and obsessively designed.  After, like, 9 prototypes, I've finally finished this darn thing.  I call it The FOX.Here's the description I have on Etsy (just because I really don't feel like writing it out all over again):"The 'Fox' Slingshot/Slingbow Hunting SystemOak ModelThe 'Fox' has been the result of my 5-year-long pursuit for a surviv

The FOX Slingshot / Slingbow Hunting System -Oak Model


Bar Sink Features A Nautilus Shell Shaped Cavity Basin Want your home’s bar to be wet? The compact style of this ammonite bar sink and faucet by High Tech Design Products features a nautilus shell.


We've found 10 fantastically simple ways to make your home a bit more convenient and unique! Give these fun life hacks a try in your home today and your guests are sure to be impressed tomorrow!


How to Clean a Toilet with Coke. Coca-Cola isn't just a tasty beverage — its mild acidity makes it useful for commode-cleaning purposes. Are you looking for a way to deal with toilet limescale without shelling out cash for expensive.