Harvey Esparcia | #selfbranding negative space #logo #design

Harvey Esparcia Not only is this a clever use of negative space to form the 'H', the depth is something I haven't seen in may monograms.

Designer: PoliGraph #logo #logotype

logo as the P fits into the x-height of the lower case K, a dimention is suggested, further supported by the shadows of depth

Woah! Do you like this? Nicktoons Rebrand Pitch

Nicktoons called us to participate in the pitch for their new worldwide rebrand.

あなたの同人誌表紙見せて【デザイン表紙編】&ロゴ (3ページ目) - Togetterまとめ

あなたの同人誌表紙見せて【デザイン表紙編】&ロゴ (3ページ目) - Togetterまとめ

日 | Help Japan

HELP JAPAN, chinese character "日" means japan, poster designed by Ck Chiwai Cheang aka SomethingMoon

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