TAIWAN:Lantern Night in Taiwan (TravelPlans: Visit countries that may not exist in years. Taiwan [China], Palestine [Israel], Haiti [DR or US Territory?] & Kiribati, +more)

Japanese goldfish 金魚

red, Kingyo-Sukui (goldfish scooping) is the classic play of the Japanese summer festival

Japanese fox masks for festival

Japanese fox masks for festival. Tradition said that foxes from all over the Oji area of Kita-ku gathered to visit Oji Inari-jinja Shrine on New Year's Eve. Now, people gather and visit the shrine in fox masks for a parade inspired by the legend.

Ramune - Japanese Soda Pop with a marble in the bottle. Cute and refreshing. 神社の秋祭りの時、お菓子の袋詰めや掃除の手伝いの後にお菓子とラムネをもらえたのが子供心に嬉しくて、手伝いばかりでお祭りを楽しんだ思い出はないけど、心に残る良い思い出。

Ramune - Japanese Soda Pop with a marble in the bottle - Cute and refreshing

Floating lanterns, Hiroshima, Japan

Paper lanterns floating on the Motoyasu River at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan. The event marks the anniversary of the atomic bombing by the United States in In Japan, people float lanterns on the waters to send off spirits of the dead.

「せんまやひなまつり」、雛飾りと大正浪漫の建造物が織りなす空間美。 #japan #お雛様

「せんまやひなまつり」、雛飾りと大正浪漫の建造物が織りなす空間美。 #japan #お雛様