Menu Inspiration. Also check out for drawers of tea inspriation:

Restaurants often over look their menu designs. I'm sure you've probably visited numerous restaurants with ugly menus. If you're a restaurant owner, you might



Very clear layout. Love the complimenting illustrations of the food and the cartoons.

飲食店のおしゃれなメニューデザイン - アルニコデザイン

飲食店のおしゃれなメニューデザイン - アルニコデザイン

Restaurants have menu design down to a science. They even know where on the menu you'll look first.

The 11 untold secrets of menu design

The Stable Pizza Menu (and pies and salads!)

The rustic worn look of the background gives off a nice depth. While visual dominance separates the sections as well as some highlighted or inverted sections. The prices are easily recognizable and the overall layout is organized and simple.