The Music of the People print ad was developed at Havas Worldwide Turkey

Acik Radyo Music of the People

Case: Music of the People トルコのラジオ局「Açık Radyo」が制作したプリント広告。 同局は、世界中の様々なジャンルの音楽とともに、世界各地の社会的・文化的なテーマ

Sea & Vines: Glass  Mc Laren Vale/ Showpony Advertising/ Autralia

【グラフィックデザイン】すごい!よく考えられてる…。図と地の反転を上手く利用したグラフィック。 @onFilters

I love this. It has a great tranquil, soft beauty.first of all it reminds of the clipping mask tool in Illustrator.secondly,I love the simple black & white color scheme.I especially love how the only thing black are the tree branches,so with the white fill of the A & the white background,it's creating great negative space all over.

Yahoo! JAPANのメールサービス。大容量のメールボックスや、迷惑メール対策機能を用意。パソコンやスマートフォン、携帯電話でも便利に使えるヤフーメール(無料)です。

i think the way the image is made just by the hand and the screw is verry affective ,  it works very well with the space and the focus point in the middle of the design. I can definitally take inspiration from this artist and use it in my work , as my work became black and white with saturated darks .

idea! Brock Davis | < taste > simple / bold < layout > layoutで分類した後にさらに分類 < idea > 分類した後にさらに分類 < media material > poster