Cucurumbé by Ceci Peralta - Typography inspired in latin and cuban culture, I wanted it to have a playful and feeling to it because I was inspired by a song I used to love during my childhood: Negrita Cucurumbé by Cri Cri. Cucurumbé includes all alphabet


"Advertising is based on one thing: Happiness" (Don Draper, Mad Men) - TV Quote type series by Justin Van Genderen

poetry2.jpg 361×540ピクセル

Outside Inside - book cover - David Drummond The cut out feeling gives out the hand made feeling instead of focusing too much in graphic

日本一个网站上关于 《二十四节气》的介绍

《二十四節氣》的介绍- Beautiful graphic introducing nature and the weather associated with different seasons in the East.

Cool font

Good typography, with intricate design elements. The light line art keeps it delicate and light.


Asian typography Masayuki Terashima hand cut typographic poster for the Ikenobo Sapporo Exhibition. Terashima Design Co. via CreativeRoots

Sculpture Today

Paper alphabet 'Sculpture Today' by Sonya Dyakova via ApetitPois*design