Elekit Tube Amp

Japanese Electronics company Elekit (EK) has announced the 22 (tu:tu:) hybrid stereo integrated vacuum tube amplifier designed by Koichi Futatsumata, founder of Case-Real studio.

Audiophile porn - Shanghai Stuff

This luxury turntable is stunning to say the least! Inspired by DaVinci Audio Labs AAS Gabriel turntable, the Angelis Labor Gabriel turntable is a gorgeous

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Just a place to post some of the hi-fi information I have collected over the years. Usually retro somtimes vintage sometimes modern but always hi-fi.

ONEDOF Turntable, luxury, design, contemporary, gold, steel, audiophile,

NASA engineer Aleks Bakman develops the luxurious ONEDOF Turntable, also known as One Degree of Freedom.

VINTAGE SOUND: Pioneer PL-530 Turntable

About Vintage audio gear and audiophile vinyl records.

Pioneer SX-780

Pioneer SX-780