I know I've already pinned her in this, but I love the closeup. MODELS JAM: Tilda Lindstam, New York, September 2012

Street Style with Tilda Lindstam, New York, September 2012 in black jeans, rust silk shirt and skinny belt.


trying to get ideas for wearing an oversized tee. a soft, oversized vintage tee worn with a feminine ruffled skirt

Military or steampunk lolita

Green steampunk dress-A lovely style, high-waisted, half-corset dress that can be worn over shirt and with suspenders.

Audrey Hepburn …

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most fashionable women in her time, she is inspiring almost all women over the world with her classic and elegant dress.

「こんなアレンジ知ってた?驚くほどかわいいアンティーク着物コーデのポイント♡」のまとめ枚目の画像|MERY [メリー]

「こんなアレンジ知ってた?驚くほどかわいいアンティーク着物コーデのポイント♡」のまとめ枚目の画像|MERY [メリー]


LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL xplodingorange: I am literally taking fashion inspiration from a 12 year old. Mathilda Outfit Appreciation From: Léon: The Professional