Cut out with a pic in the background

I knew instantly that the poster related to the environment from the sight of grass. I think the grid method was a nice choice for this poster as well as the circular pattern.

★個展のお知らせ★「TaikoMatsuo_Layered」4/22〜5/29銀座ポーラミュージアムアネックス : 松尾たいこブログ

This poster by Japanese graphic designer and artist, Taiko Matsuo, combines the pleasures of interwar era travel posters with mid-century-paint-by-numbers whimsy.

favvvvv: 画像

Graphic Design - Graphic Design Ideas - Experiment Nº 1 poster. By Ella Zheng Meisi, Singapore. Graphic Design Ideas : – Picture : – Description Experiment Nº 1 poster. By Ella Zheng Meisi, Singapore. -Read More –



ONUMA HONEY designed by akaoni Design, Yamagata, Japan

Designing on Kraft paper. ONUMA HONEY designed by the Japanese in Yamagata Prefecture akaoni design company.

Saab 99 Turbo, 1977

Saab 99 Turbo, 1977

Launched in 1968 with a four-stroke L Triumph engine tilted at 45 degrees. The 99 was Saab's last rally car with great handling from a wide and low suspension. Popular Mechanics lists the Saab 99