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French artist Gérard Trignac was born in Bordeaux, France. Initially educated to architecture, he decided to change his path to focus on art.

Noble House by singularityblues

A dark blue city ascends into the sky by feng zhu. Traditional architecture survives into the future as massive structures are built around it.






'Favelização' imagines Rio de Janeiro under a future government elimination strategy which barricades the favelised regions from expansion and destroys all electricity networks that enter the shanty towns. Slum dwellers are left with little choice but to

Only Lovers Left Alive 絶対面白い!公開している劇場が少ないから見られなかったが、とりあえず、DVD化されたら見よう!

My favorite movie so far this year. Jim Jarmusch made a new classic. Watched it twice already. Only Lovers Left Alive // Tilda Swinton // Tom Hiddleston // Anton Yelchin //Jim Jarmusch director 2013

Portfolio Slug by *Fealasy on deviantART

fuckyeahcyber-punk: “ Portfolio Slug by ~Fealasy ”

LIfe is Beautiful,Life is Art

*** pink neon bonsai - Design At Home もっと見る

Lusus by Tuomas Korpi (based on the Hyperion Cantos)

Discover The captivating Art of Tuomas Korpi, illustrator in Finland

Neon Text Installations by Lee Jung

ART: South Korean Neon Art Installations by Jung Lee Inspired by Fragments of a Lover’s Discourse by Roland Barthes, photographer Lee Jung created Aporia.