Winners of Habitat for Humanity’s Sustainable Home Design Competition / CENTRAL REGION WINNER - Agnieszka Wir-Konas / University of Detroit Mercy

Winners of Habitat for Humanity's Sustainable Home Design Competition

Habitat for Humanity's Sustainable Home Design Competition Winner.Habitat for Humanity's Sustainable Home Design Competition Winner.


Casa Cúbica - a 160 Sq Ft shipping container home made by Cubica, a construction and design company based in Costa Rica.

建築家:小磯一雄|KAZ建築研究室「埼玉県熊谷市・芝屋根住宅-2|BEAT HOUSE」


建築家:小磯一雄|KAZ建築研究室「埼玉県熊谷市・芝屋根住宅-2|BEAT HOUSE」

実は暮らしやすい!?おしゃれな"平屋"のデザイン10選♪ | リフォーム費用・価格・料金の無料一括見積もり【リショップナビ】

実は暮らしやすい!?おしゃれな"平屋"のデザイン10選♪ | リフォーム費用・価格・料金の無料一括見積もり【リショップナビ】

Photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz spent their first date watching the sun set from a hilltop… While chatting on that hill, they thought it would be amazing to have a house made out of windows so that you wouldn’t have to watch the sun set through one small square…. so a year later, and a lot of time spent at garage sales and flea markets, they built a cabin of windows in the same spot where they had that very first date.

Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz built this building with a wall made entirely of old windows so that one can watch the entire sun set at once. Watch the video!


respect for a tree (Portland - Oregon) ".and this is why I love this place! Portland is my home, born and raised.

5평 컨테이너주택의 놀라운 공간활용 - Daum 부동산 커뮤니티

Cúbica is a company in Costa Rica that specializes in alternative construction based on repurposed shipping containers. This tiny Casa Cúbica vacation home, built from a recycled shipping container, sleeps up to four.

Unique Tree House With Windows

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