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a tall glass filled with chocolate milkshake on top of a red napkin next to a white wall
Make a Classic New York City Egg Cream at Home
New York Egg Cream brings home a taste of the old-fashioned soda fountain.
a glass jar filled with green smoothie next to two pears
Naturally Sweeten Your Green Smoothie With Juicy Fall Pears
Fresh pears bring a delightful fall twist to a green smoothie. It may have kale, but everyone will love this one!
an orange and yellow drink sitting on top of a table next to some flowers in the background
26 Delicious Mocktails for Any Occasion
Mix up a nonalcoholic drink that rivals any cocktail. There's a mocktail recipe for every occasion and taste!
a glass filled with ice and lemons on top of a wooden cutting board
Enjoy the Refreshing Taste of Agave Lemonade
Enjoy the Refreshing Taste of Agave Lemonade
a glass filled with lemonade next to ginger and limes on a wooden table
A Refreshing Ginger Ale Recipe to Rival the Best
A Refreshing Ginger Ale Recipe to Rival the Best
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two mugs filled with liquid sitting on top of a cloth covered tablecloth next to each other
Hot or Cold, Spiked or Not: A Dreamy Butterbeer Recipe
Dreamy, creamy Butterbeer inspired by the Harry Potter books. This simple recipe has a great flavor, can be served hot or cold, and, if you like, can be spiked with rum, whipped cream vodka, or (our favorite) Irish whiskey.
a drink with a cherry garnish on the top
Love La Croix? Mix up the Tropical Rooibos Cooler
LaCroix sparkling water is a fantastic drink mixer. Give the Tropical Rooibos Cooler a try. It's booze-free, but you can spike it if you like.
colorful candies on a white plate with blurry background
Create Colorful and Yummy Sparkling Jello Easter Eggs
A super fun jello project for Easter that the entire family can get in on.
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a green smoothie in a mason jar with a straw and mint sprig
A Minty Copycat Shamrock Shake That's Just as Good as the Original
Forget the other one, this Shamrock Shake's actually good for you!
a glass filled with liquid and a lime slice
Try the Refreshingly Easy Lime Rickey, a Non-Alcoholic Summer Delight
Fresh lime juice makes the best Lime Rickey and it's perfect for your summer parties.
an orange and yellow drink sitting on top of a table next to some flowers in the background
15 Apricot Cocktails to Tantalize Your Taste Buds
Apricot is not the most common cocktail ingredient, but when it does make an…
two glasses filled with lemonade and mint on top of a table next to limes
Vegan Carrot Raisin Salad Recipe
A refreshing drink from Morocco that can come straight out of your garden!
three desserts with whipped cream on top and the words disneyland's go - to date
Dole Whip
Disneyland's Copycat Dole Whips - seriously the best drink ever! This pineapple treat will knock your socks off!!
fruit - infused water is the perfect way to start your day
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Get in your daily water quota with this Fruit-Infused Water - 6 ways! From berries, to citrus, to cucumber and herbs, we've got you covered for refreshing drink recipes all summer long!
two strawberries and orange slices in a coconut cup with an umbrella on the side
Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Mocktails
Pregnant and looking for a great drink? Try the tropical Coconut Key Lime Momtini, it was made just for you!
strawberry colada smoothie in glasses with strawberries on the side and text overlay
Strawberry Colada Smoothie - Cooking Classy
Strawberry Colada Smoothie - these are so refreshing on a hot summer day! Love the strawberry coconut flavor combo!
peach tea in a glass jar with sliced peaches next to it and the text, easy peach tea
Easy Peach Tea Recipe!
This Easy Peach Tea is the perfect drink recipe for grilling out on sunny days with friends! It’s so refreshing, and you will love the chunks of fresh fruit.
a glass jar filled with chocolate pudding next to a small bowl of powdered sugar
Peanut Butter Cocoa Coconut Smoothie
Peanut Butter Cocoa Coconut Smoothie
two bananas and a glass of milk on a white table with the straw still in it
10 Fresh Fruit Smoothies Everyone Will Enjoy
Banana Smoothies are so easy to make and if you like this one, you may like the other fun fruit smoothies in this list.
a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a wooden cutting board next to a bowl of fruit
Mother's Day Recipes
Because not every mother drinks, but every mom does deserve a great drink!
a cupid float in a mason jar with a red straw
30+ Scrumptious Valentine's Day Treats
Cupid Floats- A Valentine's Day drink with vanilla ice cream, Cherry 7Up & a licorice straw.
a jar filled with liquid sitting on top of a polka dot table cloth next to a spoon
Love Potion Punch
Love Potion Punch - A magical potion that fizzes when you add the secret ingredient. Great for kids' Valentine's Day parties and science experiments! Oh yeah, AND it's delicious!
there is a drink with strawberries on top
The Kids Will Love the Fruity Layers in the Virgin Miami Vice
A fun and fruity smoothie, try making multiple layers in your Virgin Miami Vice.
a glass filled with red liquid sitting on top of a table
Fall Drinks & Cocktail Recipes
A little grape, some cranberry, and a touch of lavender, the Twilight Dove is sweet and simple. #Mocktails
an orange drink with a cherry on the rim and garnish in it's glass
A Berry-Filled Mix Without the Booze, Enjoy the Berry Sweetheart
The Berry Sweetheart is a simple, delicious drink everyone can enjoy. #Mocktails
an orange slice is on top of the ice cubes in a glass filled with liquid
Have You Mixed Up a Roy Rogers Lately?
The Roy Rogers is one of the easiest mixed drinks you can make and because it has no booze, you can enjoy it with the entire family. #Mocktails
three bottles of friska on a wooden table
Use the Right Soda for Your Mixed Drinks
Fresh, crisp sparkling beverages, the botanical offerings from Frisa are going to transform your thoughts on soda.
several glasses filled with red liquid and sliced oranges next to some lime wedges
Mix Up a Sparkling Cranberry Punch the Kids Will Love
A simple punch that everyone will love, this Sparkling Cranberry Punch needs only three ingredients.
an orange juice in a glass next to a lemon slice and the words enjoy a sweet cardinal punch
A Sparkling Fruit Punch Mocktail That Everyone Will Love
Load up on the fresh juices because your family will love this Cardinal Punch.
two glasses filled with drinks sitting on top of a wooden table
A Tasty, Booze-Free Eggnog for the Holidays
A classic recipe, this Cider Nog is a fun take on a Christmas tradition. #Eggnog