OMG Jellybeans! - 6th January 2017

Obsessed with cats & kittens in particular. So darling! The Animal Charm ❤

Palmerston, the Foreign Office Cat sitting in Downing Street opposite the door of No. 10 in Lond

This is the cutest little kitten I've ever seen

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This cat belongs to one our surgical residents and was taken at my work. Sitting Upright In A Desk Chair Cat 31 Cats You Won't Believe Actually Exist

A Maine Coon is a large breed of cat, not just referring to its voluptuous fur but its body mass, too. The Maine Coon lifespan is hardly any.

Post with 1454 votes and 18438359 views. Hermione actually held still long enough to be photographed.

Oh To Be a Cat - 23rd June 2014

One of the oldest natural breeds in North America, the Maine Coon is generally regarded as a native of the state of Maine (and is the official Maine State Cat). A number of attractive legends surround its origin. A wide-spread (though biologically impossi