white kitchen

Very light gray lavender wall color // Open storage, wooden counter tops, white cabinets, spherical pendant lamps. Change the light lavender to a more bluish tone and I think this would be perfect.

whatinspiresdancaji: our nugget kitchen has become one of my... (just you wait.)

whatinspiresdancaji: “our nugget kitchen has become one of my favorite rooms in our new house. by aylagurganus ”

Ibiza stijl buiten keuken

Can Xicu, Ibiza. Design by Blakstad Rustic doors and cab fronts, stark white, pegs in wall, natural white

Bright and airy 48 square meters with high ceilings and an inviting mix of furniture, in extremely well made renderings from Alexander White. It’s becoming harder and and harder to tell real ph

sunday supper plans - grilling snapper with miso/mint/lemon sauce with sweet corn adapted from gwyneth's book "it's all good" .it really is - this evening sunlight and warm front is magic!

This is the black teapot by Anna Lerinder So minimal but elegant. via- teapot, design, simple


Restored Ibiza Villa Rental