Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl wearing fancy pants, kills me! The look on it's face!

pink snow pelican what a beautiful bird. I draw pelican at the beach but I've never seen this before I didn't realize God made then in pink. I wonder if he thought of any other wild color to do them animals


owl - what a sweet, sweet face!


Great Egret Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Janice McCafferty

~~Great Egret by Janice McCafferty~~looks like a bridal veil

tawny owl

Owl In The Leaves autumn leaves fall animal owl autumn pictures fall pictures fall images autumn images

Barn owl - Night-time predator.

Darling, my beloved thousand mile Good hearing friend Barn owl - Night-time predator.

gray jay by xxleeweexx, via Flickr

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful: “ grey jay by xxleeweexx ”

avianawareness: “ (via Budgerigar Gallery - Detail View - parakeets Soshi…

it kind of looks like she's wearing a fur coat...smooch

Tiny miffed bird, wearing what looks like a fur coat. If Al Capone came back as an Angry Bird - the live action version - this would be him.

Cute cats & many other adorable animals — plasmatics-life: Tawny Owl ~ By Milan Zygmunt

Sleeping Goose - so peaceful ❤️

Owl you need is sleep. Things I Find Beautiful - “Source: flying of birds ”

Little winter bird

Junco, My favorite Winter bird.

I love to explore the beauty our world provides, mingled with dance, laughter, love and music. I do not claim fame to any of the photos/images so if you possess the copyright to any i share please.

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful: “ Snow Bunting, Isle of Man ~ by Pete Hadfield ”