“The Blue Hour” invitation poster - Graphis

The Blue Hour invitational poster created by häfelinger + wagner design of Munich. The Blue Hour is a poetic term for twilight, hence the use of light and shadow.

Lok Ng used his typo talent to created 16 posters each with its own experimental typography that features a different part, street or building of the city.

Love Guangzhou 愛廣州 - experimental typography

Tezzo SUZUKI - ロゴ各種 (2009-)

I'm basically obsessed with these EASY Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes! They're perfect for an after school snack or game day nibble!

樹德科技大學視覺傳達設計系 進修部2014畢業設計展 「 夏孵 Hatch 」

樹德科技大學視覺傳達設計系 進修部2014畢業設計展 「 夏孵 Hatch 」

Client Info : Camellia かめりあ : DJ / Producer : http://cametek.jp : Logo : Typography

pho-ku: “Had the excellent opportunity to design a logo for cametek​. Really was stoked to do this considering I’m a big fan of his music. Give his stuff a listen if you’re into Dubstep/Glitch.

Concept cover for a men’s magazine, commissioned by Lloyd+Co. for the CMYK Magazine Festival in Europe. Our cropped cover girl is Faye Dunaway, and the expressive typography plays off of the absurdist verbiage that typically grace women’s magazines

コトホギデザイン | 東京都杉並区・デザイン事務所 | 実績紹介 | LOGO(CI / VI) | 自主制作

コトホギデザイン | 東京都杉並区・デザイン事務所 | 実績紹介 | LOGO(CI / VI) | 自主制作