Honda Prelude Mk1 XXR Japan Brochure 1981

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Honda Prelude Mk1 Japan Brochure 1980

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Honda Prelude Mk1 Japan Brochure 1979

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1985 Honda Prelude Si My first big girl car

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Honda Prelude Mk2 Mugen Power Japan Brochure

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Honda Prelude (1980)

A simple idea! A sports car should be nimble, stylish economical to operate and fun to drive. The 1980 Honda Prelude.

1979 Honda Prelude

Learn more about Original, Low Mileage 1979 Honda Prelude on Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online.

Honda Prelude Mk1 Benelux Brochure 1982

Honda Prelude Mk1 Benelux Brochure 1982