It took us a while but now it’s here, take your camp coffee to new levels with the super duper awesome limited edition Transcontinental Race tin cup. We’re celebrating a year with AWOL and R and E’s.

Anpanman  おにぎり (onigiri)

Japanese kawaii character riceballs like Anpan man / おにぎり(onigiri)

Panda Onigiri

Baby Panda Bento Rice Mold and Seaweed Nori Cutter Set is so cute! I would love these guys rolling around in my bento

Packaging inspiration

Packaging inspiration

Slow FastFood - The Dieline: The Worlds Package Design Website - print-design-goodness

Photographer: Andrew Knapp

womaninthewoods: “juliterr: “findmomo: “Find Momo at Hansa Coffee. Take a short drive north to Winnetka and join us at The Book Stall at Chestnut Court at We’ll be hanging out there.

#japan #design #retro

everything has to be kawaii and simple because we are terrifyed of growth, real emotions, complexity and insightfulness, ahhh

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