Maru in the bath

* * " Takin' pictures of yer self in de bath tub be one thing, but yoo haz gones too far!

coisa linda

Kitten Ballroom Dancing: Little Hippie Flower Kitten Dancer, San Francisco.

Hahahah!! ...The medal said " I'll do anything"

The photos capture Shironeko 's dreaming moments of and laziness has become a phenomenon in internet; Shironeko – the most famous sleepy cat in the world.


Maru - why do they taunt us with these cats.there is no resisting. "A flower pour vous?

Bridesmaid kitteh is not amused....

CyBeRGaTa - Cats, Memes, New Mexico — Shironeko is the most laid back cat. He must be a Buddha kitty.

Hana and Maru

Maru&Hana:[Hello from the hammock.] Maru&Hana love the hammock.

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