[Recipe] Sakura Mizu shingen mochi - Little Miss Bento

[Recipe] Sakura Mizu shingen mochi

BEAUTIFUL way to relish spring-time beauty in the kitchen! [Recipe] Sakura Mizu shingen mochi - Little Miss Bento

Molang Strawberry Daifuku

molang strawberry daifuku (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ molang 草莓大福

" You look so yummy standing there in your Michu skin and chocolate"! ( supposed to sound like looks so perfect by ;

Japanese sweets -mizu manjyu-

tsuyukusa-flour, sugar, white bean paste, matcha, sweet red pea Mizu-manju is a kind of a traditional Japanese sweet in the summer.

Japanese Sweets, youkan, 発酵さしすせそ羊羹 五季(いつき)。

"Smart sweets" from Gokokuya that blend tradition and nutrition Plump, juicy, and beautifully formed, Gokokuya's "Itsuki Yokan" are a new take on tama

Japanese sweets -kanten-

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日本人のおやつ♫(^ω^) Japanese Sweets 伝統の和菓子 Wagashi

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