Aqua Bottle

Diamond - Aqua Carpatica, the purest water, chooses to undress every plethora and to dress up light. The light exaslts the preciousness of water, for this reason Diamond is the perfect bottle for the perfect water. by Cristiano Giuggioli

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Jucing for weight loss. Use your juicer to make healthy juice for you and the whole family. Lose belly fat, detox and get fit.

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Clean, simple white wrap with twine and black wax seal - would try this using Paper Co. Durotone Butcher Extra White 60 for the wrap.

I am a huge fan of natural bar soaps, I think they may be my favorite beauty item! Needless to say, I am smitten with these fabulous natural bars from You Smell. Each bar is made with natural shea …

La Société Parisienne De Savons Collection

Stéphane Ouaknine is the scion of a revered Parisienne Pharmacy and, though pharmacist by occupation, his true vocation is that of a dreamer whose love of great beauty and classic design has led him to bring to life La Société Parisienne de Savons.

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50 Brilliant and Expressive Packaging Design ideas for you

gloji juice light bulb shape relates to the message that the juice 'make you glow'. i like the idea of the light bulb shape because it's not usually something people would think of as a juice bottle shape.