Lots of really simple drawing tutorials in this flikr photo stream.

Punzel. Occifial Zentangle tangelation with examples/variations.

Official Zentangle tangelation with examples/variations.

Underwater Mansion by Nikiboy

drawning princess - woman underwater in a turquoise ball gown - Photo by Jvdas Berra, model by Valentina Lobeira

Zentangle. Обучение. Шаблонные странички с сайта Оригиналы уроков можно найти на вышеуказанном сайте - название паттерна и авторство подписано на картинке.

Akoya - Step by Step Zentangle Pattern

Butterfly Skirts

Butterfly Skirts for a butterfly bride


禪繞畫圖案設計Zentangle pattern -BALLACE寶蕾絲 @ damy的快樂隨意作拼布刺繡禪繞 :: 痞客邦 ::

Online instructions for drawing Mei Hua Teng’s Zentangle® pattern: Ballace.

90a8492a18d4437ce523b848b433dbfb.jpg 732×2,340 ピクセル

Costume Reference - GAU Eko Tyler Black Piece Clothing for Tryals

Ansu Zentangle pattern. I love this one, because its simple enough to do, yet looks very intricate once its all woven together. - Crafting For You

Beautiful flower chain tangle pattern - Ansu Zentangle pattern from Lori…

★ZOETROPE★映画とインテリア-Alice in waterland01.jpg

『Alice in Waterland』

Underwater Alice in Wonderland themed photography

太宰府まほろば衆(@dazaifumahoroba)さん | Twitter

太宰府まほろば衆(@dazaifumahoroba)さん | Twitter

˗ˏˋ ♡ @ e t h e r e a l _ ˎˊ˗

Underwater Photography

People Underwater photography is a very unique art. Not very often people decide to go under water and take pictures of themselves.

bal masqué

the-king-of-coney-island: “shoulderblades: “ be noisy, yasutomo ebisu for laforet, detail make-up by katsuya kamo ” ” 💕💋❤️💋💞 shoulderblades the-king-of-coney-island


195 by Carlos Noboro

carudamon119 雑学たん ‏@zatugakutan 来年の干支は「羊」っすね(-x-)年賀状をはじめ羊の絵を描く人も多いっすが、ここで意外と知らない様々な種類の羊について図解したっす(°x°)!

Baah, sheep post here.

Matte Painting by Sorin Bechira

Museum - Matte Painting by Sorin Bechira