Steampunk gadgets

Steampunk gadgets - you know you want one

Anel berserk Ativa fúria por 2 turnos Fúria ( 1 ataque extra durante o turno de dano)

Sempre gostei do Dia de los Muertos,que é uma tradição mexicana e por isso mesmo é que escolhi este exemplo,no mesmo podemos ver o baralho quase todo.

Beautiful and Deadly Playing Cards: Muertos by Steve Minty

Meltdown - global warming board game using real ice that melts

Board game packaging: GEOlino, the German science magazine for children, wanted its young readers to experience the effects of global warming. Not with dry-as-dust theory, but in a completely child-oriented way. That’s why they have developed MELTDOWN – t

Vikings History- That neckline detail is incredible

King Harald Finehair and his younger brother Halfdan the Black, Scandinavian warriors and potential threat to Ragnar in Vikings Season

That hurts to dang dant Yu still there Yu all go brain did not yet Smith awake in a min lol show me who's talking Sherry because he never met Yu in ersn wake up time

レイアウトのデザインパターン帖                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る


Pamphlet Layout The Apocalypse And You Survivalists Guide To Surviving, How To Make A Brochure On Word, Vector Layout Design Template Leaflet Poster Stock Vector,

Maybe! vol.1の特集テーマ「恋愛ってなんだ?」に関連して、11月5日公開の小松菜奈・菅田将暉出演の映画『溺れるナイフ』でさらなる飛躍が約束されて…

『Maybe!』vol.1(小学館)創刊記念イベント第2回『一流クリエイターになるには恋愛が必須なのか!?』 HMV&BOOKS TOKYO(東京都) - 全国のイベント情報

Tom clancy's the division ?

assault rifle boots brown hair building caution tape character request city clouds coat fog from ground gun holster hood hooded jacket hoodie huanxiang heitu jacket keep out multiple girls pouch rifle scope sign sky skyscraper sniper rifle thigh-hig

株式会社and recipe様の「アジアのごはん」のランディングページ(LP)かわいい系|食品 #LP #ランディングページ #ランペ #アジアのごはん

株式会社and recipe様の「アジアのごはん」のランディングページ(LP)かわいい系|食品 #LP #ランディングページ #ランペ #アジアのごはん